What is the difference between registration, inspection and classification?


  • Foals should be REGISTERED in the year they are born or as yearlings. This register determines the BREED of the foal. 
    Foals registered in the NZWA Warmblood register are New Zealand Warmbloods.
    A foal can only to be registered with ONE registry. (Later it may be "approved" by other registries as in the case of some stallions)


  • Foals may be inspected by a panel of accredited assessors in the year they are born.
    Yearlings or two year olds youngstock may also be inspected.
    They are judged to determine their quality and potential. 
    Foals may be awarded Premium or Elite foal ratings if they pass classification with exceptional pass marks.


  • When foals reach 3 years of age they are eligible to apply for CLASSIFICATION into the Warmblood Studbook as breeding stock. To pass classification they are judged by a panel of accredited assessors or in the case of stallions this must be at least one overseas Assessor.  Stallions have a different set of inspection criteria from mares. Mares that pass become Studbook mares and stallions that pass become LICENSED stallions.

 See the Breeder's Guide for information on Studbook Structure and the registration process.

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