From 1 August 2018 the NZWA is tightening up on our regulations regarding Stallion Service Certificates. 

We will no longer be accepting retrospectively dated and submitted Service Certificates from stallion owners pertaining to the 2017 breeding season onwards.

If the stallion owner has not filed their returns with the NZWA by the 31st of July for the previous breeding season then we will require DNA testing to register the subsequent foal.

Mare owners are encouraged to make sure the Stallion Owner provides them with a Service Certificate to save paying the DNA costs ($100 for the foal and $100 for the dam if not previously tested).  This should be part of the Breeding Contract.

The NZWA has made this decision to keep the integrity of our Register, and as members of the WBFSH we need to be stricter than ever before on these matters.

The policy of DNA testing all frozen semen foals has not changed.

Stallion owners will be informed of this change in policy via phone and Facebook and email to make sure everybody understands their obligations. Stallion owners may apply for an extension to the 31st July deadline but this will only be given in exceptional circumstances

NB:  As this is a new rule moving forward, we will not be enforcing the compulsory DNA testing for horses born prior to the 2017 breeding season, so you may still gain a retrospective Service Certificate for these breedings but we do hold the right to request DNA testing at our discretion.

Yours faithfully,

Jody Hartstone on behalf of the NZWA Committee

2018 AGM

To be held on: Saturday 18th of August 2018

Venue: Butterfly Creek – Papillion Room
Address: 10 Tom Pearce Drive, Auckland Airport

Start Time: 11am – Finish time: 4pm

Buffet lunch - $30 per head – please advise numbers attending for catering purposes by August 10th.

Guest Speaker: Holly Blue from Blue Blood Equine will be presenting an informative lecture during the lunch break


14th May 2018

The NZWA would like to advise its members about a genetic condition which has been discussed in the equine media as of late. The condition is called Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome or (WFFS).

It is an autosomal recessive defect. This means that both males and females can carry the gene and that in-order for a horse to be affected with WFFS the animal must inherit the gene from BOTH parents. It seems largely confined to the Warmblood breeds of horses and has been found across most lines and studbooks. Studies have shown that between 9 and 11% of warmblood horses carry one copy of the WFFS, this makes these individuals carriers of WFFS. These animals are not affected in any way. However, when two carriers breed then there is a 25% chance the foal will not be a carrier (N/N), and 50% chance it will receive a single copy (N/FFS) and is then a carrier, and a 25% chance that it will receive two copies of the gene (FFS/FFS) and become a nonviable pregnancy, it will normally result in a loss prior to birth. Occasionally a stillbirth occurs and very rarely a living FFS/FFS foal is born. These foals show defective skin and connective tissue which results in severe abnormalities and lesions. Sometimes the belly cavity is open. This condition is untreatable, and the affected animal will die or be euthanized.


NZWB Recommendations

  • In order to prevent breeding losses and affected pregnancies the NZWA strongly recommend that breeders test their mares for this condition. 
  • Any carrier mares (N/FFS) should only be bred in the future to non-carrier stallions ((N/N). Please ask the owner of your chosen stallion to advise you of the stallion’s status regarding WFFS. 
  • Some registries overseas are mandating testing for stallion owners. In New Zealand we strongly recommend that stallion owners test their breeding stallions. 
  • If a stallion owner discovers that they have a carrier stallion (N/FFS) it is recommended that they follow best practise and require their client mares to be tested and only accept non-carrier mares. This best practise approach will ensure that in New Zealand we minimise any future breeding losses that are now known to be associated with WFFS. 
  • There is no need to retire carriers from breeding, just select non-carriers as breeding partners. 


Jody Hartstone

President - NZ Warmblood Assn


NZWA Policy on Stud Book Entry &Dual Registrations

  • The NZWA no longer “Dual Registers” horses.

  • From 1/08/18 the NZWA will be issuing UELN’s (Unique Equine Life Numbers) to every new horse registered. A horse must NEVER be issued two UELN number’s in its lifetime. THIS MEANS WHATEVER STUD BOOK YOU REGISTER YOUR HORSE WITH INITIALLY IS ITS BIRTH REGISTERY FOR LIFE.

  • Stallions who are registered with one Breed Society may be LICENCED into another. For instance, an Oldenburg stallion imported into New Zealand as a young horse may be licenced into the NZWA Stallion Stud Book after passing his Classification / Licensing test. He remains, however, an Oldenburger – licenced to breed NZ Warmbloods -  i.e. he is not considered a NZ warmblood.

  • Mares who are registered with another Breed Society may be classified in to the NZ Warmblood Stud Book.

  • Mares who have already passed classification into a Stud Book of another Breed Society may gain automatic entry in the NZWB Mare Stud Book, providing they have been examined by a European expert deemed suitable by the NZWA.

  • If a NZWA registered mare has been assessed into the NZ Hanoverian or Rheinlander stud book, her marks can be transferred into the NZWB Stud Book free of charge - providing the marking was done by an assessor that meets the NZWA guidelines. NZ BASED ASSESSORS MARKS WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

  • If a mare is not birth-registered with the NZWA her marks can be transferred with payment of the $50 pedigree entryfee.

  • Mares and stallions can choose to be assessed by the NZWA Assessor even if they have already been assessed into another Breed Society’s Stud Book


It is with great excitement that the NZWA can now announce that we have been provisionally accepted into the World Breeders Federation for Sport Horses which means our book-keeping and stud books are up to an international standard.

This also means our great NZ horses who have been performing well on the International stage, (e.g. the world's leading eventor Balmoral Sensation) can now be linked back to their country and Register / Stud Book of origin.

We can now, as an officially recognised breed, also enter horses in the FEI World Championships for young horses across all three disciplines.

This is a MASSIVE day for horse breeding in New Zealand.


On Saturday 16th September the NZWA held its 2017 AGM in Rolleston, South Island.


A new committee was  elected. They  look forward to building the NZWB brand here in NZ and on the world stage. They are as follows:

President: Jody Hartstone
Vice President: Kieryn Walton
Registrar: Christine Hartstone
Treasurer: Bronwyn Van Roon
Webmaster: Jeanette Russell
Stallion Liaison Officer: Catherine Smith
General Committee: Sheena Ross, Kirsty Moffit, Janelle van Roon, Amy Stewart, Courtney Walker, Nancy Jacks, Sarah Catherwood, Catherine Smith


We are very excited to announce the well respected German Assessor Mattias Werner will be coming to New Zealand near the end of February to  classify Warmblood, Thoroughbred and Arabian mares into the Stud Books (and onto their Pink Papers) as well as assessing some wonderful stallions to bring them into the Stallion Stud Book as fully approved, licensed stallions.

Mathias will also be available to inspect foals and young stock under three years of age and horses in the derivative register as well.
If you have a horse that is currently in the derivative register that qualifies for full papers under the amnesty clause then this is the time to get them up-gaded – you only have till 2020.
Full details on the amnesty clause are available on the website by following this link (It’s on the last page of the Breed Regs.)
You need to register your interest in putting your horse forward for classification so we can plan the tour route.  Here is the website link:
The forms to fill out are at the bottom of this page – one for mare classification one for stallion classification , and the other is for geldings, young stock and derivatives to be inspected.
A reminder that all horses on the classification tour must be REGISTERED with us on either blue or grey papers in order to be inspected or classified on the tour!!
We are looking forward to making this classification  tour the best one yet so please don’t be shy – get your horses names in to us within the next week or so and we will get the show on the road!
Kind Regards
Jody Hartstone
NZWA President.