Membership of the NZWA provides:

  • Participation in an active performance testing program.
  • Performance awards for all disciplines.
  • E-Blast Newsletters.
  • Nth Isl WB Championships & Sth Isl WB Championships. 
  • Socializing.    



Registering your horse can be likened to issuing a birth certificate.  It identifies the correct parents and breed of your horse.  Registering your horse with the New Zealand Warmblood Association enters your horse into the New Zealand Warmblood REGISTRY.  Your horse will be issued a unique equine life number (UELN) that is internationally recognizable.  Its breed will be confirmed as New Zealand Warmblood.    

The NZWA will not 'dual register' a horse.  In other words, we will not register a horse that has already been registered by another breed society.  However, mares and stallions from other warmblood stud registries may be approved or licensed into our STUDBOOKS.  Thereafter, their progeny may be registered as New Zealand Warmblood or NZWB Derivatives.


Microchip identification is now a compulsory requirement for all horses prior to registration. 
Freeze branding with the NZWA brand / stud brand is optional.

Foals under 12 months

$40 - Foals by licensed stallions out of Studbook mares.
$50 - Foals by licensed stallions out of non-Studbook mares       
$65 - Derivatives - Foals by Un-Approved/ Unlicensed Stallions and/or foals that don't meet pedigree requirements 

Horses over 12 months

$60 - Horses by licensed stallions out of Studbook mares.
$70 - Horses by licensed stallions out of a non-Studbook mares       
$85 - Derivatives - Horses by Un-Approved/ Unlicensed Stallions and/or horses that don't meet pedigree requirements.



It is a requirement that from 2019 all new Studbook Mares are DNA tested. Note that most Thoroughbred mares will already have been tested.  Mares must be over 3yrs to be classified into a Studbook.

Classification Fees:

$100   NZWB Mares  

$100   Foundation Mares  (Thoroughbred / Arab / Anglo Arab)

$50   Additional fee for Pedigree Approval    (non NZWB mares only) 
Mares with registration papers OTHER than NZWB require pedigree approval prior to classification.  This will include Arab, Anglo-Arab, TB or Warmblood mares from other registries.

$700   Warmblood Colts/Stallions  

$350   Stallions already licensed in another Studbook  (fee includes NZ Approval and Activation Fee for first year)   

Classification Application Forms: 
Mare Classification into the NZWB Studbook  
            - NZ Warmblood or Foundation mares  
            - Mares from other recognised WB registries  

Mare NZWB Studbook Approval  
            - For mare already inspected and approved into a WB Studbook other than NZWB.

Stallion Licensing Application     and    Veterinary Inspection Form 

All NZWB registered mares are eligible to apply for classification inspection into the NZWB Studbook Mares registered with other recognised Warmblood registries or Thoroughbred, Anglo Arab and Arabs registries may apply for pedigree approval and classification into the NZWB Studbook. We do not register these horses as they are already registered. They must pass the classification inspection to gain entry into the NZWA studbook. Their progeny can then be registered as NZWB,

Warmblood studbook mares from other WB registries that have already passed a classification inspection do not need to undergo a second inspection with the NZWA. They simply require pedigree approval into the NZWA studbook.    


Application Form:     Derivatives / Geldings / Youngstock Inspection 

 $60    NZWB registered foal out of  a NZWB Studbook Mare.
$100    NZWB registered foal out of  a non-Studbook Mare.
$100   NZWB registered Youngstock (under 3yrs) and geldings of all ages             
$100   NZWB registered Derivatives    


Change of Ownership: $20

 Note** The new owner must be a current NZWA Member.         

replacement / duplicate certificate

You must be a member of the NZWA to obtain a replacement Certificate.

Request Replacement / Duplicate Certificate $30


Prefix / Stud Brand Application:  $30


$80   to activate a stallion for a season.         
          NZWA licensed and activated stallions are eligible for promotional webpages on this site.
$40    Stallions whose owners have not activated a stallion for the current season will incur a $40 fee per foal.
           This is payable by the mare owner at foal registration.

Application to License a Stallion:    Stallion Licensing form   and   Stallion Veterinary Inspection Form


5 generation pedigree chart (blank) 


Horse ID Form   - To be completed by a Vet. Required in the following situations:
     - horses over 2yrs old / Imported Horses 
     - If Certificate of Service does not include a Foal ID section.  
    [NB -Licensed NZWB stallions will all have this ID section included at the bottom of the service certificate.] 


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