NZWA Announce an Amnesty Period on Registrations
 (January 2016 until January 2020) 

Following the 2015 AGM the New Zealand Warmblood Association are pleased to announce a one off Amnesty Period on registrations of Warmblood horses who may in the past have not been eligible for Warmblood Studbook registration.

The Amnesty Period runs from January 2016 until January 2020 after which time the regulations of the stud book will be reinstated again.
Horses who are by unlicensed Warmblood stallions, stallions who have failed their licencing, and imported stallions who have not been licenced can apply for TEMPORARY Warmblood Registration Papers.  These horses would previously have only been eligible for the Warmblood Derivative Studbook.

Horses awarded TEMPORARY WARMBLOOD REGISTRATION papers will have four years in which to get successfully classified /inspected by an international assessor at a NZWB classification day to allow entrance into the main Warmblood Studbook.  (Classification success with an aligned warmblood breed association utilising an international assessor will also be accepted – Hanoverian, Trakehner, etc)

Mares three years and over who pass classification by the overseas classifier will be permanently entered into the Mare Stud Book.

Colts over three years may be put forward for classification and licencing into the Stallion Stud Book

Youngstock under three years and geldings will be inspected by the overseas assessor and if they meet the criteria will be accepted permanently into the Warmblood Register and then after they have reached three years of age they will be eligible for elevation into the studbooks by the usual process.

Horses / Youngstock who have been successfully classified / inspected into the Studbook / Register by the overseas assessor will be immediately eligible for the NZWA Brand.

After the 2020 deadline, those horses with Temporary Warmblood Registration papers who have not been classified / inspected successfully will revert back to being included in the Warmblood Derivative Studbook only.  Subsequent progeny will only be eligible for registration in the Warmblood Derivative Studbook (excluding special conditions as stipulated in the breeding regulations).

Is your horse eligible? 
If your horse can be proven via DNA, paperwork and pedigree to have 25% warmblood blood or more, with the remainder being from only TB or Arab blood then your horse will be eligible.
This is a once in lifetime to chance to get your stallions, mares and colts classified and accepted into the Warmblood Studbook. 

The first classification event for this amnesty period will be held in March 2016, with Gerd Kust being the lead assessor. 
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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